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71WtIVbo0dL._SL1500_Take your adult colouring books to the next level with Colourifique gel pens! Add amazing, vibrant colours to your doodles or Zentangles and embellish your scrapbook pages with some sparkle and glitz. The possibilities are endless with this 36 piece premium gel pen set. Each 36 piece set contains 12 glitter colours (1.0 mm point size); 10 metallic colours (.8 mm point size); 6 neon and 6 pastel colours (.8mm point size) for you to choose from. This set even includes one standard black ink (.6mm point size) gel pen. So many bold, bright, and vibrant colours to choose from… you wont be disappointed. These gel pens are perfect to use for adult colouring, doodling, journaling, greeting cards, arts & crafts, drawing, writing, sketching, scrapbooking, and so much more! This set would be a great gift idea for kids and adults who love to colour! Turn your doodles into professional pieces of artwork with these colourful gel pens from colourifique!

My Review

106I would say these are pretty center of the road as far as gel pens go. They definitely have their perks but they also leave a few things to be desired. The negatives being: The reusable container either came with the bottom slightly sliced or it happened right after we received it because all the pens fell out all over the place so we had to tape the bottom. The sticker on the container was hastily slapped on and wrinkled (not a good first, thin plastic container with a slapped on sticker). One of the light purple pens had a visible gap in the ink cartridge inside the pen and we could not get it to ever work so we actually had a case of 35. The neon yellow and green both wrote very scratchy not a nice flow as did the black. After using some of the pens for a little while they would stop writing like they ran out. I would have to turn the tip several times and/or push harder to get it to start flowing again. I also would have liked for the pens to be labeled with their color and/or number as well as whether they were pastel, metallic, glitter or neon. It was actually pretty hard to tell on a few of them. Some shades are also very similar so it would be easier to know which is which if they had some type of labeling.107
The positives being: I LOVE the vivid colors, It comes with so many beautiful, bold and bright shades that you can see at the end of my video when I used these in my adult coloring book. I love that it comes not only with the classic colors but also, glittery, metallic and neon! All in all most of the pens did flow very well and offered great coverage. 108

I have to give these three out of five stars for reasons stated above. 3 stars

You can purchase these Colourifique Gel Pens on Amazon: these sell currently for $6.95 prime shipping

**Even though I marked these three out of five stars, I believe at the current asking price of $6.95 with prime that this is a heck of a deal.

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