Christmas Trivet Runner Review


HOLIDAY TABLE RUNNER PROTECTION: The CHRISTMAS TRIVETRUNNER model is one of ANNA STAY’S TRIVETRUNNERS collection that is a great gift for Christmas; its attractive red design covers the length of a table with two-in-one protection as a runner and a trivet so the table’s surface will not get damaged; its stylish and decorative design makes any table festive during the holiday; dimensions are almost twelve inches wide by forty inches long; a perfect way to replace table linens;

PROTECTS YOUR FURNITURE DURING CHRISTMAS: Able to handle up to three hundred Fahrenheit degrees of heat, this long roll-up CHRISTMAS TRIVETRUNNER by ANNA STAY can be unrolled to handle a hot pot, pan, or plate as well as an ice cold container without damaging, marring, or harming the table, countertop, or glass top underneath; all served food or drinks or hot and cold platters can be placed conveniently in the center of the skinny runner on the table with no need of multiple trivets;

DECORATIVE AND SIMPLE TO USE: The CHRISTMAS TRIVETRUNNER by ANNA STAY is a uniquely stylish and practical home and kitchen gadget two in one table runner plus a trivet; it is designed especially for a Christmas table with a well designed, elegant red beautiful pattern for holiday use; each mat is hand washable with soap and water and will not wrinkle; unroll and lay it out flat when in use or roll it up to store;

TOP QUALITY MATERIALS USED: Made of an insulating natural polymer and polyester, the ANNA STAY CHRISTMAS TRIVETRUNNER used as a table runner on the Christmas table will add a stylish look while being practical and easy to use as a trivet; it will not shred, tear, or rip; although the material is thin in design, it is sturdy and safe to use, offering anti-slip and heat and cold resistant properties;

WARRANTY: We offer you a year of satisfaction guarantee to let you buy with confidence; no questions asked; we know you will love the ANNA STAY TRIVETRUNNER (registered trademark) for its functional effectiveness, protection, and ease of use; ORDER NOW and get a well-built, well-designed decorative table trivet runner; our CHRISTMAS TRIVETRUNNER is a wonderful house-warming Christmas gift as well as a useful and practical item that every house needs.


458What a brilliant and beautiful idea. We all want our table looking 457decorative and inviting but why not use that table runner to serve double duty and make it a trivet as well. This table runner measures 11.81 x 39.37 inches. It’s made from an insulated natural polymer and polyester. I was surprised to learn that it can handle up to 300°F so you can place not only cold dishes but hot dishes on the table. I love the bright red color and beautiful Christmas design. EASY TO USE, EASY TO CLEAN, EASY TO STORE. It arrives rolled up and all you do is unroll it and it lays it’s self perfectly flat. It will never 453451wrinkle. To me the material feels very much like a computer mouse pad. The backing on the trivet holds it firmly in place. It is completely hand washable with soap and water. Then simply roll it up when it’s not in use. I keep mine in my drawer with my other trivets and hot pads. I think it just adds the perfect touch to a table while serving a useful purpose as well. I believe this would be a great housewarming gift or wedding gift. I know I would have loved to receive something like this.

For a little piece of  mind, it has a ONE FULL YEAR GUARANTEE!

You can purchase one now on Amazon for $24.97 prime shippingat this link: https://www.amazon.com/Christmas-Trivetrunner-Decorative-Anti-Slip-Convenient/dp/B01LYWVNU9/ref=lp_15762400011_1_1?srs=15762400011&ie=UTF8&qid=1478151966&sr=8-1

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