Product Details

  • Blade are totally impervious to acids, juices, oils, salts or other elements; will never rust. easy to clean. anti-bacteria, anti-fouling, non-toxic and non-corrosive.
  • No reaction with any food and can preserve the original color and taste of the food, keep the food’s freshness and nutrition.
  • Ceramic knife is very lightweight and hard, high-density sharp blade, blade sheaths for safe storage.
  • Handle is ergonomically designed to provide excellent comfort. Non-slip ergonomically designed handle for a secure grip
  • Scope of application: Intended for cut fruit peel, fruit flesh, vegetables, sashimi, sushi, bamboo shoots (excluding shell), boneless meats, seafood, Shellfish (excluding shell) … … and other non-hard foods can be used.

My Review

This 4.4″, SHARP, BPA free ceramic blade from Artiart is really nice. Ever since I used my first ceramic knife I have been in love. There is nothing like it. I still have my original, however, it did NOT come with a protective shield for the blade. My original blade is chipped up from being abused. I have given the speech to everyone in my household that Swampy is to be taken care of and will NOT go in the dishwasher and will always be stored with his protective sleeve in place. This nice is really nice to hold. It just fits well in your hand. It has a grooves for you fingers that make it easy to grip and comfortable. I created a video which I think makes items a lot easier to really check out. I think pictures and video’s are the next best thing to being able to put your hands on them yourself.

1. Place the ceramic knife on knife holder or other safe places,keep it away from children.
2. Avoid heat or shock
3. Do not use your hand to test the hardness and sharp of the blade.
4. Use on wood or plastic cutting board and avoid cutting frozen food or on the surface of marbles,
5. Wash the knife after use, preferably by hand with a mild detergent and do not wash it in the dishwasher.
6. Material:Nano Ceramic Material+ABS+TPE+Antibacterial Coating, safety and environmental protection. anti-bacteria, anti-fouling, non-toxic and non-corrosive.
7. QUALITY GUARANTEED! On Amazon they have a 3-MONTH money back guarantee.  Stating to contact them if you  find the product received has failed your expectation, and their customer service will try their best to respond to your satisfaction.

Buy yours now on Amazon here–> Currently selling for $9.99


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