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Custom vinyl wall quotes by TheSimpleStencil.com are a fun, beautiful and creative way to inspire you in the new year.

Customize your favorite inspirational quote into a beautiful vinyl wall quote that will appear to be hand painted on your wall in a variety of beautiful matte finish colors, font styles and sizes to match your style and taste. Our easy to install vinyl makes it easy to add motivational inspiration to your walls so that it can inspire you to maintain your new year’s resolutions every day of the year.

Our online designer makes it easy to design a wall quote perfect for your mood and decor style. They are easy to install, look painted on yet removable when you are ready to remove the quote or add some new inspiration without damage to underlying surfaces.

The Simple Stencil has been a leader in the vinyl wall decal industry since 2002 and uses only the best vinyl products and professional machinery and offer a 100% satisfaction quarantee.

 My Review

Let me start off by showing you “the wall” :-p

Isn’t it just screaming for a big wall decal? We have owned our house for 4 years and are slowly making it our own as the house speaks to us and we know exactly what we want so we don’t change it the next year. When I say we I totally mean me because my husband could really care less. 😛 I LOVE the way the wall looks now. Our living room finally feels like home. I love wall decals because they allow you to let people see the real you. You can design your home to be exactly what you want it to be. It doesn’t have to be a cookie cutter home with the same wall hanging 4 other homes in your neighborhood have. It allows you to make it personal. You can put motivational quotes that inspire you or personal sayings that only mean something to a select few that know you. What ever you want it to be you can make it become just that. With The Simple Stencil you can choose one of their designs if you like or custom make your own. Then you can pick the size you want it and the colors you want to use as well.

So the kit arrives to your house with the stencil you chose or designed, the applicator, instruction, and practice stencils. I LOVE that they included practice stencils. Mine were “hello” and our last name.

I created a video showing the un-boxing to hanging it on the wall and applying it. I did wash the wall a couple hours before I hung it to make sure the wall was nice and clean and dry. I did still have some issues with the stencil not wanting to release from the paper but my guess is it was a novice or impatience error and I didn’t use the blow dryer on it long enough. It wasn’t a hard fix I just had to use two hands and since it has been on the wall I haven’t had any problems with anything peeling.

Now I have to warn you. In parts the video is being shot by a just turned 8 year old.

Their website, http://thesimplestencil.com/index.php, is laid out really easy so you can find your way around it very easily.  The wall decal is very thin material, especially with the metallic lettering. It really looks like pain when it’s all finished. I will suggest this company to everyone I know and just recommend making sure you use the blow dryer for the full 15 minutes it states on the instructions. The company even has live support available at times in addition to the other contact methods. I even think Chewbacca approves as she wanted in on the picture.  I want to put three 8 x 10 family pictures in the bottom left of the display and another three in the top right. I think that will help to frame it off even more.

I LOVE the way the wall decal looks and plan to add another one soon in my master bathroom! I love that it really looks like it’s painted on. Their prices are very reasonable as well. I have looked at many other sites and looked away just as fast when I seen their prices. Some of these wall decal sites are just insane in their pricing but I think The Simple Stencil is a very affordable way to customize your home and make it yours. PLUS, you don’t have to put this on the wall either. You can paint or stand a piece of wood and stick on there as well and give them as gifts. The options are really endless and the skies the limit, it just takes you imagination/ideas.



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