Piece of Cake


Product Details

Perfect for cake serving at Weddings, birthdays & every special occasion.
• Cuts a perfect slice of cake every time
•·No touching cake with fingers
• Reuse and easy to wash, Dishwash safe
• No sharp blades, safe for Kids.
• Unique and trendy design that is highly functional
• The flexible design makes it super easy to serve perfectly sliced cake    
    everytime: Simply press the cake server into your cake, squeeze gently and
     lift, Then lightly release your grip, gently setting your cake onto your plate
• Excellent addition to every kitchen.
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My Review

All it took was saying cake and I was there. Yes, I would love to review a cake slicer/server. 😛  I was eager to make some desserts and give it a try. I even went to far as to hide the first box of dessert in my room that I wanted to make to try this out on and guess what? I came home from class to find my husband sat it out and asked my daughter to make it. She made it in a square, glass container….how is that supposed to work. OK, help yourselves and eat it because that won’t work for  my review so I though I will just wait and make homemade cheese cake because they can’t just grab the box and make it. Finally….success!

The #POCakeKnife I received was lime green but it is also available in other colors. You can see it has a beveled edge where you cut your pie or cake. We always go to church on Saturday nights and my 16-year-old invites friends to go with us. This evening she invited her friend from school so she had some big supper plans. She made up Schnitzel from pork loin and I made spaetzle to go with it along with gravy, mushrooms & onions, red cabbage and asparagus so it was the perfect evening for the cheesecake. I made a raspberry sauce to put on top of the cheesecake and it was simply amazing.

I goofed originally by leaving the cheesecake on the spring form pan bottom. It has a lip so this server really didn’t want to work that way so I removed the cheese cake from the spring form bottom and it worked great. This was my first cheese cake so give me a little break will ya. 😛 This cake server is dishwasher safe and keeps your hands from touching the cake as you serve it up. It was a huge hit at supper last night.

I think it’s a fun little tool to have for parties and at only $7.99 plus free shipping it’s a great deal. I give it five out of five stars. The only thing I can think of that can be improved is how it comes shipped because it was in a thin, cardboard box inside a bubble envelope. The box was smashed inside but the product survived uninjured. My kids & husband wish it served up slices a little larger as they all came back for seconds but with the growing waist-lines in the US it is probably just right at this size. 🙂

You can purchase your own for $7.99 currently with free shipping at this link: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01N1N1NAN


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