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Techno® Torch features sturdy and durable thanks to high-quality materials chosen to make this device to ensure long-lasting usability when you need it most. Features easy-to-use with one click ignition and convenient for cigar or cigarette where applicable. Techno® Torch will be your best helper whether you’re at home or fast on-the-go in the strongest of winds. Torch flame size is adjustable and is equipped with a flame lock to maintain the burn. Product images are for reference only and may differ from the actual product. Due to differences in monitors, colours of products may also appear different to those shown on the site. The images on Best Global Buy are copyright protected.

My Review

This isn’t my typical review item but I am tired of using these old style throw away lighters. They make my thumb raw when they don’t want to light and it’s such a waste to throw them away and buy replacements. This one is refillable and you simply push the button and you have a flame. It couldn’t be any easier. You can see on my video below how simple it is to use and how powerful the flame is. This is a butane lighter and you can buy a bottle of butane for it for just a couple dollars. This appears to me to be a pretty heavy-duty lighter. As you can see it’s one push and you have a flame.

I gave this lighter 4 stars because it came with absolutely no information. I am not a lighter expert so it arrived empty and I had to figure out how to fill it so that was a little annoying. They cannot just expect that everyone will already know how to do this


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