Dacobots e-learning 4-12yr olds


Product Details

The Dacobots portal is an online platform with eLearning games targeting 4 to 12 years olds with an appetite for technology and future advancements. To help along the way, the users are guided through the content by five robots which have the role of elearning avatars: Zalmox, Derzelis, G4, H.E.N.A and L.A.U.

The main purpose of the Dacobots portal is to train and educate the new generations in a modern environment. To this resolve, it is necessary that the methods employed to disseminate information ensure an efficient way of capturing the kids’ attention.

The Dacobots portal provides educational games that are meant to enrich the knowledge of its users and to enhance their cognitive abilities in an entertaining way.
The initial phase features six subjects which are in development: Health, Math, Science, Language, History and Art.

My Review

My boys, 9 & 8, are both in 4th grade and they crave interactive learning. They love colorful, creative and fun online learning. This game immediately captured my 9 year old sons attention. He loves the different robots and their voices and the fun games.

It’s not just boring words on a screen. Learning about nouns for example we had a robot interacting with us and we matched up the proper endings to singular nouns on cupcakes with the appropriate plural form ending and added cool toppings to the cupcakes as we got them right. Once a lesson is completed the kids earn collectors cards online as rewards for completing the task.


We especially love the Brain power series. It’s all about the 3 main parts of the brain and what they do. Where the different parts of the brain are that control the 5 senses, reflexes and the things we do without thinking about them like breathing.  Super cute, super informative and super fun!

This is a brand new program they are trying out and they strive to help homeschoolers everywhere and youngsters that just need another avenue to learn while having fun. They are working on creating more and more games as they go and grow. We were able to review this game at no cost to help them spread the word. They offer games in: Health, Math, Science, History, Language Arts and Art for grades Kindergarten through sixth grade. They, however, do not have any games specific to first, second, fourth or sixth grade at this time. The games they currently have available are only for Kindergarten, third and fifth. I think they are doing a great job with the program and can’t wait to see how they grow. This has been a lot of fun for my boys. We are excited to see what games they create for 4th grade.

You can check them out on their website: https://www.dacobots.com/

Membership costs depend on the package you pick. They have price ranges for everyone. I give them four stars because I love the games that they currently have but I believe to really start selling their services and to be able to really back the company they need to gave all the grade levels from K-6th covered. Currently they are selling their services and claim to offer them for K-6th but only have games at this time for K, 3rd and 5th.



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