Label.m thickening cream review

Product Details

Label. M Toni & Sacha Masco THICKENING CREAM 100ML
With Bran, Barbados Cherry and Amazon Cupuau fruit to condition, moisturising and gloss.
A heat styling essential.
Perfect for building body and providing lift with control.
Toni and Sacha Mascolo have created a global phenomenon in haircare.
Label.M is a definitive range of products created for professional stylists and expert results. Enjoy!
The label.m styling and finishing range includes sprays, polishes, waxes and balms that enable you to create a fusion of catwalk and street inspired looks which are the trademark of Toni & Sacha Mascolo .
The label.m range is suitable for all hair types, and designed for simple use, allowing you to recreate salon styling at home with the versatility of professional products.

My Review

I read many good reviews for this product but as you all know everyone is different. I personally did not see a change in reference to the volume or thickness of my hair. I don’t think t his is a bad product if it works for some people. I think this product comes in a very nice bottle with a cap and built in pump. I never had any problems with the pump clogging up or the cream becoming clumpy.  It is a very nice and light thickening cream. It did not feel heavy or oily on my hair and didn’t weight it down. It just did not seem to do anything to my hair: nothing bad/nothing good.  It has a pleasant light smell to it so it’s not an over powering odor and I didn’t notice the scent at all after blow drying my hair.

I followed the instructions which are very basic and in reality how I do my hair every time I wash it. This product is to be applied to wet hair and combed through and then you blow dry your hair in sections with a round brush. This is how I style my hair anyhow so that was not any different then I normally do.  I have straight, fine, shoulder length hair and it looks the same with this product as it does with my regular styling gel. Like I said, I don’t have any complaints because it didn’t damage my hair or weigh it down or make it worse but I just didn’t personally see any volume increase.

I had my 17- year-old daughter try it as well on her shoulder length thick hair. She said if there was any difference in volume it was very minute on her hair but she felt like her hair felt softer. She compared it to the way her hair feels when she uses a leave in conditioner on her hair. So again, no complaints  just not the volume increase we hoped for but this is just our personal experience with it.

This product is available for purchase for $22.85 at the Fashion and Beauty Store online: https://www.fashionandbeautystore.com/label-m-thickening-cream-3-4oz.html

I have to give this product three stars because it did not do what it claimed it can do for my hair. I did like the bottle the product comes in with the built in pump. I also liked the consistency of the cream and my daughter felt like it was a nice leave in conditioner. I also liked it’s light scent and that it did not weight down our hair. I did not, however, give either of us any visible increase in volume. This is why I am rating this product personally at 3 out of 5 stars.



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