Product Description 

Product style: Halloween
Gender: Women Necklace
Pendant Size: 3.5cm * 3.0cm

 Chain: 45cm
Material: Copper, White Gold Plated
Weight: 10 g
Package Include: 1X Necklace
Onairmall luminous series,
if there are often exposed to sun, it will glow in the dark,
if stay in a dark place for a long time, it will stop shining, you may beam it with your mobile phone lamps or the sun, it will have a bright light again back to the dark, Because of the exposure time is different, the brightness may deep or shallow, so the more light is absorbed, the brighter it appears. 

My Review

I think this a unique and fun necklace. It’s made from inexpensive materials so it is affordable. They don’t claim that it is high end but it’s affordable and fun and everything I expected it to be. The price cannot be beat since it’s on sale right now. I have the link attached below.

It’s a white gold plated copper necklace. It is 45cm long with a 3.5cm by 3 cm pendant and weighs in at 10g.

The stone in my necklace glows green but it is also available in blue and purple. It is charged up by being in the sun or other light source and then glows in the dark.

ON SALE right now for only $4.99


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