iMustech Gel Pen Set


Product Details

  Variety of Color: Gel Pen Set includes 12 different colors, with red, gold red, coffee, yellow, pink, light pink, blue, night blue, orange, purple, black, green. The colors are bright and vivid. Our Gel Pens Coloring Set is perfect for children and your inspiring artists!” Drawing Art Markers”” Premium Ink Gel Pens Set With Case”” Artist Quality Coloring Pens”” Gel Pens Set for Adult Coloring Books”” Perfect for Sketching Drawing Writing”” fineliner color pen”” gel pens dark colors”
Diamond Head: The pen point of gel pen is in a diamond shape, which is unique, little fresh, lovely, vibrant, brilliant and eye-catching. This extra fine point pens is 0.5mm tips, perfect for writing, drawing & coloring. This fineliner color pen set is a perfect set for you!” fineliner for coloring”” fineliner pens”” fineliner coloring pen”” fineliner for coloring”” fineliner black”” Fine Point Markers Perfect for Coloring Book and Bullet Journal Art Projects”” gel pens pink ink”
Different Usages: This fine point pens assorted t is ideal for Scrapbooking, Journals, Drawing, Coloring, Diary, Nail Art, Greeting Cards, Party Invites, Crafting, Doodling, Decorating, Stamping, Tattoos, & More! Our gel pens sets for coloring is a great gift for you to send to your friends! Come and get this coloring gel pens!” fine point pens assorted”” fine point pens for artists”
Superior Quality & Longevity: Acid Free & Non-Toxic. Premium ink designed for longevity. Super precise fine tip makes writing and coloring a breeze! Imagine free flowing pen strokes gracing the paper with ease! Handcrafted ergonomic design to create custom works of art!” fine point gel ink pens”” gel pens glitter”” gel pens set of 12”” gel pens medium point”” extra fine point pens blue”” fine point pens for drawing” fine point paint pen set”” gel pens kit”
Smooth Writing: This fine point pens assorted colors write smoothly on the paper without any skips. The fine tip of the pen guarantee your smooth flow of ink as well as your aspiration. You will be more satisfied with your works by using our fine point pen.” Colored Gel Pen”” Colored Pens”” Fine Tip Colored Ballpoint”” Gel Ink Pen Set with Case”” fine point pens for coloring”” fine point pens for art”” gel pens for kids”” gel pens fine point”” gel pens and markers”” gel pens high quality”.

My Review

#iMustech has created an awesome set of fine tip gel pens. These are 0.5mm extra fine tip pens that make them perfect for me with my notes. I like to use different colored pens when taking notes. It helps to remember the information and these are perfect for that purpose. I can imagine these would also be great for crafting (something I can’t wait  to start doing again). I can see these being perfect for card making, stenciling, stamping, scrapbooking and more. These pens do have a great/vivid color that I really like. The first time I used them they choked up a little but every time I have used them to write with since it has been smooth sailing. These gel pens don’t smear either, nor do they bleed through pages.  The only issue I have had is that the pen caps can be hard to remove sometimes.

Available on Amazon for $10.29https://www.amazon.com/iMustech-Premium-Diamond-Fineliner-Coloring/dp/B01L7AKUC4/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1499767075&sr=8-1&keywords=gel+pen+set

I am giving these extra fine tip gel pens four out of five stars. I love how smoothly they write and I love their vivid colors but the caps sticking so bad can be a really big deal. I had to fight with one for several minutes. The entire tip of the pen came out of the gel pen as I was attempting to remove the cap. I did eventually get the cap off and the pen reassembled without an ink  mess but I can see this as being quite troublesome so I am removing one star from their rating.  All in all I love these pens and I am just a lot more careful about not putting the caps on tightly anymore.




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