Your dog might be the jewel of the family. It brightens up the day with a wagging tail and adorable bark. The family dog performs many services over the years, from being a shoulder to cry on to protecting the property. Treat your dog with care by stimulating it with some strategic activities. Maintaining both physical and mental agility is the key to a long and happy life.

Playtime is Learning Time

If you’ve owned cats before, you know that they’re happy to be on their own for most of the day. Dogs   are entirely different. They thrive on interaction with their owners. Be sure to reserve time each day for playing with your pet. The dog perceives playtime as an incredibly, stimulating time. In fact, their emotional state might look forward to the interaction each day. Throwing a ball may be the fun of the moment, but it’s a thrill for the dog who may be alone for most of the afternoon.

Choose Intriguing Dog Toys

Dog toys vary from braided ropes to stuffed animals. Although your pup benefits from these items, look for more complex toys. Dog-designed puzzles, rocking treat dispensers and other products force the pet to think about the situation in front of it. Many pet owners are amazed at how smart their dogs really are when a new toy arrives at the home. Give the pet a chance to explore the item before you offer any suggestions. Your dog may figure out the puzzle in a first encounter.

Try Training Classes

Some pet owners believe that their dogs don’t require any training, but the practice is important for the pet’s mind. In fact, the dog sees the training as a fun exercise. They don’t realize that the skills that they’re learning are important for a long life. The commands and activities are merely exciting interactions with the owners. Return to the training classes every year or so. The refresher courses stimulate the mind and body even further.

Diversify Those Walks

Walking the same route every day is boring for humans, and the same concept applies to dogs. Try different routes so that the surroundings are different. Vary the hills and valleys if possible too. Dogs need to smell and sense their surroundings so that their senses are stimulated. Walks might be 15 or 30 minutes long, depending on the dog’s age and agility.

Offer Quality Food

A quality life on both a mental and physical level also includes steady nutrition. Read over the nutrition labels accompanying your pet’s food. You want more protein than grain fillers. In many cases, the high-quality dog food tends to be more expensive. If you want the pup to have a long and healthy life, investing in the right food is a critical choice. Measure the food out so that the volume matches the pup’s weight. Under or overfeeding are both issues that dogs must avoid.

Training and attention also pay off when it comes to controlling your dog’s aggressive side. Although dogs are domesticated, they can lash out with instinctual aggression. Being a partner with your dog creates a trusting relationship that can calm a situation down in mere seconds. Let your dog be himself, but maintain control for everyone’s safety.


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