Jeremy Camp: #TheAnswer

I was looking forward to listening to Jeremy Camp’s new CD and it did not disappoint. This man has an amazing voice and an amazing song writing gift.

Listen to “Speaking Louder Ministries” with Jeremy Camp declaring the hope of Jesus throughout the world with music, testimony, and service.

I am suffering from depression at this stage in my life and haven’t found the time to go to the doctors yet. I keep telling myself when I finish this semester I will have a large burden off my shoulders and I will feel better. I know, however, I need to do something. This CD was an uplifting part of  my day. My favorite songs on this CD are: The answer, & My Father’s Arm. I always feel better after praise and worship at church so I should have known this would make me feel the same. #TheAnswer

You can go to the digital vault on his website for touching, funny & spiritual videos. You can also find more of his songs like the one below on Amazon! You can also follow him on Facebook, Twitter.

You can buy his music now and choose from Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, Music, Apple music here http://capcmg.me/TheAnswer.all 






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