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YOUNGER, RADIANT SKIN INSTANTLY Fine lines, wrinkles, and discoloration can make us feel self-conscious, but there’s a solution! Say goodbye to dull and damaged skin! You can easily achieve SMOOTHING, TONING, and BRIGHTENING EFFECTS! ONE USE IS ALL IT TAKES You can have a TIGHT and HEALTHY LOOK and impurities will be removed to reveal GLOWING SKIN in just 15 MINUTES! YOU DESERVE TO TREAT YOURSELF It’s now possible to use a LUXURIOUS FACE MASK in your regular skincare regimen, even with your busy lifestyle! You can now give your skin that extra “oomph,” whether you’re traveling, want to treat yourself, or get ready for that special date night. SKINCARE MADE WITH YOU IN MIND There are too many products with false claims, high prices, and disappointing results. My ultimate goal was to create a CRUELTY-FREE, SAFE, and NATURAL product that does what it’s supposed to, WITHOUT A STEEP PRICE TAG. You don’t have to worry about messy application or waiting for results. ALANA’S MULTI-FACETED SKINCARE IDEOLOGY – Skincare products that do what they’re supposed to – High-quality ingredients that have been hand-selected by Alana herself, a licensed medical esthetician with over ten years of experience – Product quality that surpasses its price tag – You’ll fall in love with how you look and feel Alana’s Multi-Faceted Skincare Ideology is an ode to you! You spoke, and I listened. With Alana Mitchell Skincare, my promise to you is simple: To offer the highest quality products that will cause you to look and feel beautiful. GIVE YOUR FACE THE CARE IT DESERVES AND BUY THE QUICK COMEBACK MASQUE NOW!

  • ANTI-AGING IN JUST 15 MINUTES: The Alana Mitchell Quick Comeback Masque is a powerful formula that is clinically proven to visibly reduce wrinkles and fine lines, as well as give your face natural GLOW AND ELASTICITY!
  • NATURE CONCENTRATED IN ONE MASQUE: This ORGANIC formula is free of parabens and artificial fragrances and is CRUELTY-FREE. Even the most sensitive skin can experience the benefits of this natural TIGHTENING and TONING masque.
  • ONE USE IS ALL IT TAKES: You no longer have to waste time and money on anti-aging treatments. The formula is SINGLE-USE, easy to apply and dispose, FUN TO USE, and works quickly.
  • REMOVE IMPURITIES AND REPAIR DAMAGE: With this innovative anti-wrinkle masque, SMOOTHER, BRIGHTER, and REVITALIZED SKIN is yours!
  • SEE THE RESULTS FOR YOURSELF! So much effort is put into improving the quality, appearance, and health of your skin that all products are backed with a money-back guarantee. If you’re not thrilled with the results of the Quick Comeback Masque, you’ll receive a refund.

My Review

I have never tied a WOW product until now. This really gave me the WOW factor. Most facial products claim that you will see improvement over time with use but very few offer immediate results. I am skeptical to the claims of a lot of skin products. Many I have used feel nice but I don’t see or truly feel a difference after trying them. This product was different!

So this product says it is will tighten, firm, smooth and tone your skin for all skin types. You just push the center of the cap and it releases the liquid in the cap into the bottom compartment changing the cotton like material into a slimy facial mask. You mix it with your fingertip or a brush and apply it to your skin and then just wait 15-20 minutes. Then you remove the mask with warm water. As the mask dried on my face I felt it tightening my skin. It was a great feeling and then after I removed the mask my skin has never felt for soft and smooth. It really felt to me like a newborns skin. It was just a refreshing/renewing feeling. I absolutely LOVE this product.

Available on Amazon at for $11.77at this link:

I give this five out of five stars because it is amazing!



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