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★ THE BETTER HEADPHONES, ESCAPE THE NOISE! ➠ Equipped with the latest active noise reduction technology that suppress airplane engine noise, city traffic, neighbors construction, and busy office, thus giving you better focus on listening your music, podcast or videos. Just turn on the ANC switch and enjoy your tunes. They are the best holiday gifts for your family and friends
★ TRUE HD POWERFUL HI-FI DEEP BASS WIRELESS HEADPHONES ➠ Integrated with 40mm large aperture drivers, LIWITHPRO features advanced bluetooth 4.1 and aptX that produce incredible sound quality with Hi-Fi deep bass stereo, high fidelity, and crystal clear treble
★ SOFT MEMORY-PROTEIN EARMUFFS FOR COMFORTABLE HEARING EXPERIENCE ➠ The twistable earmuffs with soft memory foam cushion fit perfectly great over your ears. It’s ergonomically designed to provide comfort wearing and listen songs and respond to hands-free calls with built-in microphone
★ LONGER BATTERY LIFE ➠ The new and improved built-in lithium polymer rechargeable battery provides endless enjoyment of music for up to 15 hours at bluetooth mode. What’s more, a 3.5mm jack connection is also integrated to offer you a non stop music experience
★ 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE ➠ We know you have options here, and we want to make the best the easiest one. That’s why we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee so you can purchase with confidence. If for any reason our product doesn’t meet your expectations, ship it back to us for a full and prompt refund (or replacement if there’s a problem). Shop from a reputable brand trusted by thousands of customers today!

My Review

These headphones come with a USB charging cable, 6.3mm stereo-plug adapter, detachable 3.5 audio cable, hard carry case, small mesh back and dual plug adapter for airline use. I have used these hardwired to my phone and laptop. I have used them bluetooth as well. My favorite part about these is the very comfortable ear muffs. Most headphones hurt my ears, but these worked great. These headphones support aptx coding so you receive high definition CD quality stereo sound within 33feet range. They are 90% active noise cancelling so they reduce the sounds around you. I have used them mostly for studying. I have been watching video’s preparing for my NCLEX and they have been great. I can still hear what’s going on in case of an emergency but they block so much of the noise I could really focus on my lectures. I love mowing our 5 acres and I typically wear earbuds but they fall out and really don’t offer my ears protection. I will forever use these headphones while I mow. It is not time to start mowing here yet, but I am ready for it. I already pulled the mower out and gave it a trial run as I mowed a runway for my husband and daughter to fly their RC planes around. The hands-free microphone is another bonus so I can also answer my phone while wearing these headphones.  In addition to trying these out on the mower I have tried them out next to my daughter’s motorcycle too. I really wanted her to wear them up in a plane at the skydiving place where she works, but at almost eighteen-years-old she does not always humor her mother. (hhumph, kids)

I have had zero problems with these and the charge life is great! I have not had them die on me yet. I have sat watching video’s for hours and they outlasted me. I love these headphones and give them five out of five stars!!

These are available on Amazon:

Current price is $59.99

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3 Responses so far.

  1. Paul Mills says:

    These Bluetooth headphones are just great! No problems with them and you can charge them whenever you want, it is so fast!
    You can use them for hours, they are comfortable, battery life is very long. I can not remember a single flaw.
    I’m not the only one, right? 😀

    • Valerie says:

      Exactly, I have to fight my kids for them. I used them when I am studying and listening to lectures or watching video’s on my laptop. I use them when I am working outside mowing. Now I have to track down my kids to find my headphones since they have used them and know how good and comfortable they are. 🙂

  2. Stefan says:

    Hey Valerie these headphones are great. I have them since 2016 and i use them everyday. You can use them for hours because they are so comfortable, the battery life is very long. I advice everyone to go buy a pair 😀

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