Product Description

  • 100% Premium PU, washable and reusable, double coated tissue tape, Prevents rug’s corners from curling up – The SUPER stickiness keeps the corners laid flat all the time.
  • For SUPER stickiness – Wipe floor and adhesive gel with rubbing alcohol
  • To renew the sticky- Wipe down the adhesive gel with wet cloth, if needed, you can wash the rug grippers on both sides, then dry it.
  • Keep your rug stays in place – The anti-slip rug pad will stick to about any flat surface. Works well on wood floors, tile and laminate surfaces. Keep your carpets in place all the time, don’t worry tumbling on your carpet.
  • Easy to get off from your floor – Put some water on the grippers, wait for about 5 minutes, then it’s easy for you to remove the grippers from your floor.

My Review

These Glitz Star rug grippers arrive in a package of 8 and measure 5.1″ long by 1″ wide and are reusable. The grippers arrive with double-sided stickiness. One side has a clear cover and that side is the side that you place in contact with the floor. The other side is the 3M glue side and it has a blue and white 3M label covering it. This 3M side is the side you attach to your rug. The floor side is made of PU which can be reused many times. The company states that you can simply wipe with a wet cloth and once it is dry it becomes sticky again. My rugs are still sticking strongly to the floor so I have not yet been able to try out the restick qualities of the grippers. I will update as I come across different aspects.

These grippers have been the answer we have been looking for. I have been so afraid that a guest is going to slip and fall on the hard tile kitchen floor. I despise tile floors now that I have them. The kitchen floor is so hard on my feet so I loved these word rugs that give me a soft base when I am cooking and washing dishes. These rugs were really great for a short time and then started sliding all around. We washed everything thoroughly but that did nothing. My daughter read a hack about squirting hot glue on the bottom of the rugs to help them stay put but that didn’t really work for long at all.

For this review, I washed the rugs completely and removed all the old hot glue on the bottoms and washed the kitchen floors. I used alcohol pads to clean the bottom surface of the rug where I would be applying the grippers and then magic happened. I have been so pleased with the results so far. My rugs don’t move at all and I can enjoy the padded rugs without fear of a guest or family member falling when they slide out from under them.

Since I had three foam like kitchen rugs and have not had any problems with curling I did not use all 8 grippers on one rug. The company suggests using two on each corner to eliminate corners from curling. My problem is simply the rugs slipping on the floor so I was able to utilize these 8 grippers on all three rugs and they are now secure!

I am only marking these down one star because of the lack of instructions listed with the product. The only way I knew which side attaches to the rug and which goes against the floor is by reading about it on Amazon. I have a feeling that some of the unsatisfied reviews were because they did not use them correctly because they didn’t have instructions. If you had the 3M side attached to the floor it would not be reusable.

Available on Amazon for $6.99 at this link:

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