RORAIMA Carabiner Clips

Product Details

Sturdy and light weight, made of aluminum alloy, MULTI-FUNCTIONAL, can be widely used to hold camping accessories and attach pockets to clothes/bags, when fishing, hiking, and travelling. Perfect for clipping water bottles to backpack. They are also great for hanging stuff at home or using them to clip your keys on your belt loops. Even to put on dog leashes. 
VARIETY OF COLORS, with 2 of each color ,12 pcs total.
DIMENSION, with width 1.5″(38 mm), length 3″(76 mm), diameter: 0.24”(6mm), easy to use and quick release. 
LIFE TIME WARRANTY. When you have any problem when using our products.

My Review

I love carabiners!! They are useful in so many ways besides rappelling and/or camping!

I am one of the women that carry a medium sized purse around with me and I hate fumbling around in my purse for my keys. I solved that problem a few years ago by using a carabiner clip. I clipped a carabiner clip to my key ring and then keep it clipped to the ring that holds my purse handle.

We are also dog owners. We have three of them and two of which are German Shepherds. One is too smart for her own good. She can and will open the latches on the gates and let the other dogs and herself out as she see’s fit. Carabiner clips through the latches on the gate have solved that problem as well.

I also use them to keep things organized in my car. I had a bag of emergency supplies in my trunk and it would tip over and spill. My bag of canvas, shopping bags would spill in the trunk, etc. I found that clipping the handles together with a carabiner keeps everything inside if it falls over. In one of the video’s below the guy with this YouTube channel goes one further and will clip the bag to the post of the headrest in the vehicle to keep it from even falling over.

My husband has found them useful on his big rig as well.

You don’t have to take my word for it either. I actually found a youtuber that has THREE video’s on great uses for carabiners:

Video 1  Video 2  Video 3

RORAIMA Carabiner Clip 3″ Aluminum Gourd Shape Key Chain Carabiners Hooks Set for Outdoor Camping Durable Improved Carabiner Hooks Not for Mountain Climbing 12 pc is available on Amazon at this link: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07DP2JLHX  for $9.96

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