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Taking on the clutter challenge

coffee corner before and after

I have been a busy bee today. As you all are very well aware I have not been blogging like I used to. I started nursing school in January and that was a definite eye opener. I was working at a nursing home as well. I have always been an A student and thought all …

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Our Back Patio Project

This was something we had talked about a little but next thing I know he came home with a pallet of blocks and we were off. My husband is a project man and it seems there is always another project. It can exhausting the end results are pretty rewarding. I love new space and I love …

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2014 is off to a good start here


This year I am off to a running start. Spring cleaning has arrived early for me. There is snow on the ground today here in Oklahoma but I am still spring cleaning. I have had a very productive couple of days. I am de-cluttering, organizing and cleaning up drawer-by-drawer, closet-by-closet and room by room. I …

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Since we bought our home November 2012 I haven’t changed much on the inside. This will be our forever home so I want to do it right the first time and don’t want to do anything before I know exactly (or close to it) what I want. I started off with the smallest room in …

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** I always forget to take before pictures…sorry I am working on it. So I took a picture shortly after beginning my project. The table top was really marred up and one of the boys┬á scribbled on it with something like a yellow highlighter but it wouldn’t come off for anything so it was all …

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Definite Improvements

old light fixture

We are busy loving making improvements and personal touches to our new home. This was one of the easiest improvements we have done so far but it took a few steps to complete but I love it. First off let me show you the light fixtures we were working with on our back porch. They …

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