Thank you Exuviance for the opportunity to review your Rejuvenating Treatment Masque.
 As a mother to 4 children any extra pennies we may have are typically spent on items for the children or their activities so I enjoyed this opportunity to pamper myself. Exuviance is a great line of dermatologist developed products. They have cleansers & toners, day moisturizers, night moisturizers, masques, makeup and different kits and collections to choose from. I would love to review more of their products as my first experience with their products was very nice. 
               The Rejuvenating Treatment Masque relieves stressed skin and leaves it feeling revived and refreshed. It is formulated to reduce fine lines, wrinkles and pore size, while increasing clarity and firmness. This formula contains pro-vitamins A, C, E and B5 and is ideal for normal to combination skin. I applied this masque to my face and neck with my fingertips leaving an even layer while avoiding my eye area. Then I took a nice long candle lit bath in silence….ahhhh. After probably 15-20 minutes and I felt a renewed sense of peace from a long day and decided to re-join the family in my comfy pj’s. I asked my 3 year old if he wanted to help me peel the masque off my face which he misunderstood as me asking him to help peel my face off, lol. I clarified the situation and he was on it. This little boy has a weird fascination with pulling off peeling skin from sunburned backs or dry skin on feet so I knew he’d like the challenge. He began the process which he enjoyed as he exclaimed every time he was able to pull off a large piece. 🙂 When he was finished I went back and with a warm wet washcloth washed the remainder off my face. You don’t have to peel any of it off if you prefer you can simple wash it off as well. My face was left feeling so smooth and soft and also a new taught feeling as well. Here we are around 36 hours later and I can still fell a more taught feeling in my skin and it is still so soft.
              Thanks again for the opportunity to review this product. I love it and welcome any other reviews you would want me to try!

*My review is an honest opinion based on my own experience, and is not reviewed or edited by anyone. I was not compensated financially for my review. 

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