Long over due

I have been working at actually giving our master bedroom some hint of personality and style. In our entire house this is the only room we had not done a thing too. It’s the room no one sees so there it sat so neglected and sad. I finally decided that it was time. The master bedroom is supposed to be a sanctuary and retreat (a peaceful escape) so the process has begun. Oh…it is far from finished but I had to get this started. In the beginning the walls were blank, the bedding horrendous, the matching lamps have broken lamp shades (one little boy fell on one the other little boy knocked over the other) and so on and so forth. 

Well the bedding is still horrendous, the lamp shades are still broken, but there have been improvements made. I read online about a really neat product that really made me curious so I asked for a review. The product is called Bead board wallpaper. It is the coolest thing! Its a product available through Graham & Brown. This wallpaper looks just like the real thing and is paintable. It is only $25.00 a roll (20.5″wide x 32.8′) so it’s very affordable. I have not finished up with it yet as I still need to put on my chair rail but I have painted the walls and applied the bead board paper and applied my CurlyCue design to my wall that I recently won in an online contest. There is so much left to do like replace the bedding (I am looking for something Chocolate brown, beige, white, and the light blue from my painting) and replace the lamp shades or both lamps entirely as well as get some new curtains. I am thinking Chocolate Brown for the curtains too. What do you think so far?

Looking at this picture I think I need to move the painting down a bit. Boy I can’t wait until I have some beautiful new bedding and curtains. I will finally have my peaceful retreat. 🙂 Hey bloggy friends if you know of a great company that’s looking for a reviewer for a bedding set Please let me know. 😀

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