Bounce Houses Now Giveaway!!

I want a Review this like!! 🙂 My kids would totally love me for something like this. Two of a Kind Working on a Full House is hosting this review/giveaway with bouncehousesnow and if you haven’t already you need to enter now. Bounce Houses Now is giving one of her readers $500 towards the Bounce House of their choice!!  How cool is that? This is the one I would choose if I was selected as the winner. I can only imagine the fun and play dates we would have if we won this baby. Here in Oklahoma we have been setting records this summer and have been in the triple digits basically since the middle/end of June. The forecast has looked the same for ever now. This would sure help us enjoy those days a bit more and I know we would have kids lined up at our house to play with us. 🙂 Thanks for hosting such an awesome giveaway!! Click here to enter now.

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