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I want to welcome guest poet, Terrell Dunnum, visiting today as part of his virtual book tour. 


Terrell Dunnum is a school teacher and an ordained minister. At the age of twelve he began to teach Sunday school and help his mother prepare for her missionary license. Terrell’s unique message is one that has inspired, educated, and challenged individuals of all ages in making life changing choices.
At the age of 18, Terrell Dunnum’s mother died from an aneurysm and a year later his father died from a coronary heart failure. Finding it difficult to continue with life and questioning God about the traumatic events left Terrell in a confused and depressed state. Terrell graduated from High School and continued through college receiving a bachelor’s degree in education through the help and encouragement of his older sibling,
Terrell says,” it was not easy, but I had to let go of the past, and learn to trust God in ways that my intellectual mind could not understand.” Through prayer and fasting, Terrell began to witness the miraculous effects of forgiveness and faith. Terrell later received his master’s degree in Christian Counseling from the American Bible College and Seminary.
Terrell Dunnum now encourages others as a motivational speaker. He has a gift to touch the hearts and minds of individuals struggling with identity crisis and relational barriers. He has helped thousands of young men and women find true meaning and purpose in life. He is the founder of Total Freedom Ministries Inc., a non-profit organization that provides mentoring, biblical counseling, and basic life skills to troubled youths and families.

Terrell Dunnum is an amazing man that went through a lot of traumatic events at such a young age and not only overcame but succeeded in life and in the work or God. One of the first things I wanted to ask Mr. Dunnum was about his ministry called, Total Freedom ministries.

1.     Why did you decide to start up Total Freedom Ministries, Inc?
Total Freedom Ministries was created to bring about spiritual and emotion healing. The reward that comes from that opportunity to help an individual, a family, and ultimately society is immeasurable. Total Freedom Ministries was also created  from a need. There are countless individuals whose spiritual and emotional needs have gone unmet. When we turn on the television or listen to the news, we can witness the effects of these unmet needs in our community.
2.     What all does Total Freedom Ministries do?

Total Freedom Ministries works with the churches and public schools to assist in mentoring programs. Workshops and seminars are offered to the community to help individuals overcome traumatic events through emotional healing. Total Freedom Ministries assist individuals in finding creative ways to build family trust and unity.
3.     Where is Total Freedom Ministries located and how would someone go about asking for help there?
Total Freedom Ministry is located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. 5909 N.W. Expressway. If you would like to contact Total Freedom Ministries our email is totalfreedomministries@yahoo.com
4.     Why did you decide to take up writing in addition to your work at Total Freedom Ministries? Was it a way to reach out to more people in more areas?  
Yes, I realized writing is a way to share God’s truth of love around the world. Having the ability to bring words of life to people of different backgrounds and languages all around the world is something that was unheard of. What an honor it is see the message of hope being shared in placed like China and Japan.

5.     Will you continue writing? Can we look forward to more books?
While There Is Time, A Book of Prophecy Revealed Through Poetry is a book that is ministering to a host of individuals. It is such a blessing when young men and women come up to me and say how the book has truly blessed them. They talk about how the healing words of truth that brought them to tears. Having a book that brings one to the heart of God and ignites a fire that brings inner healing is more than I ever dreamed.  It would be a blessing and an honor to continue to deliver words of comfort that would usher more abundant living.
I will share his book with you tomorrow titled: While There Is Still Time.
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    Thank you My 2 Cents for helping to promote this author. Looking forward to your book review tomorrow.

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