Look…..over there in the living room…Is a cute little boy?…Is a crazy tornado?…
NO, It’s Super Mess Maker Man!
Faster than the speed of camera he appears on the scene.
He stops for a brief moment to look out the window for inspiration.
I believe he was thinking something like..I have looked at this same red dirt/dead grass scene long enough. Something must change and change NOW.
Here he is meditating on the idea and seeing it in his mind.
He gazes over deep in thought trying to read Mommy’s face.
Cheese! Mommy you are going to LOVE this!!
Taaa daaa! Winter wonderland in your bedroom MOM!
So tell me….Do you love it or do you love it?! ­čśÇ
(We have been shredding every piece of paper that comes in the house and also went through the bins of old bills that are old enough to shred now and once the tub is full we bag them up. Well this one was just about there. This is just a small glimpse of the winter wonderland he created in my bedroom.)
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  1. Small Kucing says:

    LOL…I have one over here too.

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