******What a great weekend*******

     We started off the day with an early rise and shine then hurry get dressed eat some breakfast and out the door for the big man’s soccer game.  After watching an intense soccer match with under 5 kids playing a hard game of 3 on 3 for an hour we ran to a couple stores and grabbed some ice cream for later. 🙂 yum

     Once we got home we ate a quick lunch and changed our clothes to go outside for a first time FAMILY activity. Check out these pictures.

      Oh, yes we all had our own paint brushes and the boys LOVED it. We actually completed this project within 2 hours since we had all 5 of us working on it. This was all my husbands idea and I actually didn’t know anything about it until we got home and he told me about it. With that in mind he gave everyone a paint brush and some how the boys were always next to me. Meaning daddy didn’t have to clean up any of the paint runs, over painted board, paint brushes dunked in up to the handle, etc. etc. etc. 😛 The kids did really enjoy themselves though. I am not so sure about Savannah but she knew she needed to help us get it done so she could do this.

 She was sweet enough to also let her brothers have a slow ride as well.
 Ryan rode for a long time and wasn’t too happy when we told him it was Ryker’s turn. 
I only had to remind him, however, that Bubba would be here tomorrow as well. 🙂

We are all loving having this guy as a new addition to our family and have developed a schedule we all love where we can all have our bonding time with him. He is just the sweetest soul. Here is a quick video of Savannah with him.

     OK, wait one more quick pictures. I love this one because it looks like both Savannah and Bubba are smiling. Sorry its not the clearest pictures but you can see what I am talking about. I hope you all have a blessed weekend like we are <3

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