Ugh, So Frustrated This Morning

I have been sitting here for over an hour trying to get these two winners to post correctly. At first I tried to announce both winners together but only one Rafflecopter form would show up so I figured I could only post one per post. OK, No biggie so I set to work creating two separate posts only to have them preview correctly, even publish correctly when I click view post it looks correct but when I refresh my blog it is wrong everytime but it was right on the preview. Arrggh!!

Anyhow both winners have been notified. Kaylee being the winner of the Storyland Yoga for kids DVD and Pauline being the winner of “The Shunning” DVD. I don’t know why they refuse to publish correctly but I am throwing my hands up at this point and going to enjoy some fresh air outside today.

Have a blessed weekend everyone and thank you for all you do. If one of you knows what the problem could be please let me know.

Many thanks.

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