New York Times Best-Selling Author, Max Lucado, is one of my all time favorites and this book does not disappoint!

Do you find it hard to believe that the One who made everything keeps your name on His heart and on His lips? Did you realize that your name is written on the hand of God (Is. 49:16)? Perhaps you’ve never seen your name honored. And you can’t remember when you heard it spoken with kindness. In this book, Lucado offers the inspiration to believe that God has already bought the ticket-with your name on it. Are you ready to hope again? Are you ready to let go of doubt and sorrow? Just listen carefully. God is whispering your name.

In this book, like a lot of his other books, Lucado gives you a glimpse into his own life and the lives of those around him whom he’s had the opportunity to minister to.  That really speaks to me!  At my church our pastor is the same way. He doesn’t just preach the Bible to us he helps us see how it relates to our lives and speaks to our everyday situations.  He makes the Bible come to life for me just as my pastor does.

One of my favorite chapters is Chapter 5…Maxims. This chapter is his “trophy case” of cuts from this book and a couple of others. I like to share them with my friends on Facebook and text them to others I know they needs some motivating, inspiring words. Max Lucado says we learn brevity from Jesus. His greatest sermon for example can be read in eight minutes (Matt. 5-7) and his best-known story can be read in 90 seconds (Luke 15:11-32).  Here are a couple of my favorites:

  • Nails didn’t hold God to the cross. Love did.
  • You’ll give up on yourself before God will.
  • The right heart with the wrong creed is better than the right creed with the wrong heart.
  • You will never forgive anyone more than God has already forgiven you.
  • When Jesus went home he left the front door open.

Another thing I love is that at the back of the book in a section called Discussion Guide each chapter is broken down for you with Points to Ponder and questions to make you really think, followed by Wisdom from the Word. For example my favorite chapter…Chapter 5.  The Points to Ponder talks about the brevity we learned from Jesus and gives some examples like how he summarized prayer in five phrases and silenced accusers with one challenge and rescued a soul with one sentence. He made his point and went home.  Then there are a couple of questions. 1) What is so powerful about brevity? What can make it so effective? 2) Which of Max’s maxims in this chapter most struck a chord in you? Wisdom from the Word: Read Luke 15:11-32. Why do you think this is Jesus’ best-known story? What makes it so powerful? Read Matthew 6:9-13. List the elements of prayer found in this passage. Do you use these elements in your own prayer life? Explain. Read Mark 12: 29-31. How do these commands summarize all the Bible’s teaching? How do they fit together?

…the path to hope in knowing that God knows you, never forgets you, and cares about the details of your life.

Max Lucado has something to offer everyone so if you are looking for direction, struggling with something, or looking to get back on the right track you need to check out what Max Lucado has to offer.  You can also follow him on Twitter at and he has a FB page UpWordMinistry and has a YouTube channel.

I give this book 5 stars and two thumbs UpWard

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