My 2012 in pictures- Day 31

Well, to start the day in addition to our morning chores we did a little house cleaning. This little guy can be the biggest helper. Before his brother and sister were even awake he helped me gather up all the trash and take it out to the big trash can. Then we took both trash cans to the road before the trash truck came and since we were out we went a head and fed the animals outside and let the chickens out. (They free-range during the day and we shut them in the coop at night)

Then we did our school work and some laundry before eating lunch then packing up and heading out to sister’s riding lesson. Today instead of pictures of Savannah at her lesson I thought I would share what the boys were doing during her lesson today, lol.

Yes, I am a bit envious. How nice would it be to catch an afternoon nap…am I right? I don’t think I have had an afternoon nap since I was 3 or 4. 🙂


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