My 2012 in pictures-Day 32 and 33

Day 32 was fun. After Savannah’s band practice we came home and decided on our Valentines cards. We decided to go with the photo kind. With these pictures we will snip a small slit above and below each childs hand and slip in a sucker. These will be the Valentines they pass out at our Homeschool Valentines party. It’s a neat idea and it will help other kids remember my children by putting names with faces. I love this idea.

Day 33 (today) was a crazy rushed day but we did take time to stop by the park and meet with a three other homeschool families to chat and play for an hour but with my scatter-brained mind today I FORGOT to take any pictures…aaaarrrrggg! Iisha was there with her two boys and Laura with her daughter and a new mom we met today Brenda with her two children (one of each). It was so nice to just talk with some other moms for a bit while our kids played. I enjoyed it so much I forgot to take any pictures so today I will just have to remember with my brain (easier said than done these day):-P seriously.

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