This weekend was crazy busy but also a lot of fun.  After eating at Red Lobster with our oldest daughter we picked up Savannah’s friend for a sleep over and back home we went.  The girls stayed up and played the Playstation and then went to sleep. It was a lot later than I wanted but they were fine.  The next morning I let them sleep in for a bit and then we were off to the Roller rink where they skated for 3 hours. I picked them up from skating to go directly to a bowling lane for a Gallery Farms Junior team meeting. Savannah has been asked to join the Junior Team with Gallery Farms. They all bowled for a couple of hours and then had their meeting. We finally left for home around 9:30pm. It was a long day.  Destiny’s mom gave the ok for another night over so home we went to crash out. The next morning they slept in again and I tried too. We all went outside by 9 to wash dad’s big truck and then Savannah worked with her horse and Destiny rode the 4-wheeler. Sarah came over at lunch time and gave us all haircuts (except Destiny). I must say the girl is good. We all look maaaa—–vaaaa—-luss!  Not an unhappy customer in the bunch.  Here are some pictures I snapped this weekend.


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