My 2012 in pictures-Day 61

Today was another gorgeous day in Oklahoma. Not quite as warm and a little windy but we were comfortable outside in jeans and t-shirts.  We have tried to go off the grid from around 2 until 7-ish p.m. During that time we are finding other activities to do together so not only are we cutting down on our power consumption but we are having a lot more quality time together. Today the boys decided it was a play dough kind of day so we started off playing play dough.  Ryan chose the Flip and Serve breakfast play set.
Ryker went for the Cookie Monster Letter Lunch set. He had a lot of fun with those plastic scissors and feeding cookie monster.
I found another 2011 calendar in the boy’s room and cut out all the pictures and set to work making more envelopes. I really like how some of these turned out.  Don’t you agree that these would be a lot neater to receive than a plain white envelope?  I just love making these.
We also played outside for a while. The boys ran in circles, pretended to be hunting the “bad” guys and played on the swing set and then I pushed them for a while on the swings while Savannah worked with her horse. I loved this sunset picture snapped in our backyard.  In life it really is these simple things that are the best!

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