Day 81 Wednesday

Spring Break Wednesday means no band class today. Savannah did her job next door today and then we all worked around the home front for the day. Moving animals around and picking up sticks. Michael worked with Savannah and her horse today for a couple of hours. Savannah had a fright the other day when she got on him for the first time using a hackmore instead of a bit and Bubba reacted odd and she thought he was going to go over backwards. She did really good today with her dads help. My pictures are on the camcorder which hubby took to the Clinton Anderson show in Tulsa today (Saturday) and he left them in the pick up in Tulsa and drove the Freightliner home instead.


Day 82 Thursday

Today we all packed up and went to TLC nursery and spent a long time trying to decide what all we were going to try growing this year in the garden.  I am so glad they had a play area for the kids. Michael went and sat down with the boys and they played happily in the sandbox there and met Grandma Ruth there. She just loved the boys and they had a sweet time together while Savannah helped me pick everything out. We are going to grow: Romaine, Butter-crisp lettuce, carrots, large and cherry tomatoes, several different colors and types of peppers, onions, pickling cucumbers and regular cucumbers, zucchini, honey-dew, watermelon, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli and corn. We want strawberries too but they were slim pickin’s at TLC.  No pictures were taken during this long day but I think you can picture it. It started raining shortly after we got home but my husband didn’t let that stop him. He was out preparing the garden. (I refused).

Day 83  Friday

Today we were back outside working in the garden area ALLLLLLL day. We accomplished a lot though. Pretty much everything is planted and the new gardening area is all tilled up and a border put around it. We sifted the compost and added it to all the planting beds along with some top soil. I do have pictures but they are on the camcorder which is in the hubby’s pick up which he left in Tulsa because he drove home his Freightliner instead.  I will get some pictures posted of the garden soon though.

Day 84 Saturday

Daddy and Savannah woke early and left by 6am to drive to Tulsa for the Clinton Anderson’s DownUnder show at the Tulsa Ford Truck Center. Savannah said it was awesome!  She said they had a really good time and laughed and laughed. She told me she was trying to remember a lot of things to tell me but by the time the show was over she forgot everything she was trying to remember. It was a lot of information in a short time but very enjoyable. She really wants to go back tomorrow so I think the hubby is taking her and her friend, Destiny, to Tulsa again tomorrow. 🙂  The boys and I stayed home and worked outside and enjoyed the weather. They insisted on a picnic and it was the perfect day for a picnic. The picture of Clinton Anderson was taken on the hubby’s phone and the picnic pic was taken with my phone. 🙂

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