My 2012 in pictures Days 85-89

Sunday Day 85

Sunday was another wonderful day all around. Savannah went back to Tulsa with her Dad and her friend Destiny to attend the 2nd day of Clinton Anderson. Savannah had so much fun and is so much more motivated now. The boys and I stayed home again and enjoyed the beautiful weather outside.

 Monday Day 86

Today we were all pretty tired from our weekend and chilled out for the morning then decided to pack up and go camping. I kid you not. So off we went to spend the night at the lake sleeping in the tent under the stars and besides crazy hatchet guy we had a really good time. Daddy pointed out the moon and the planets we could see that night and the kids enjoyed hotdogs over the grill and of course we had some smores later that night. Gotta love those campers that sneak in at 11:30 so they don’t have to pay for camping. They always seem to show up just when we are trying to lay down for the night. :-/

 Tuesday Day 87

Tuesday morning waking up at the lake was a real treat. It was a beautiful morning so I had to snap a shot of the sun rising up and shinning behind the trees on the lake. We had to pack up early because Savannah had riding lessons so off we went. The boys and I stayed home and unpacked and cleaned up while daddy and sister were off to her lessons.

 Wednesday Day 88

 Today we were all even more exhausted but it was time to rise and shine and get the animals fed. Thank goodness I have such good little helpers. Finish unpacking from camping and get all caught up on school work and get ready for band. Ryker helped with chores and drove around for a while on the gator and gave me a big thumbs up. Savannah is also part of the Junior Honors Band this year! Ryan was beat tired and passed out this afternoon on his sisters bed.

 Thursday Day 89

Today we were in town most of the day then raced home for two vet appointments. One for one of our dogs and the other for Bubba. Then back to town and finally home. Ugh…so tired of going, going, going. Unfortunately I failed to take any pictures today and as I type everyone in this house including the dogs are sleeping but I just had to try to get somewhat caught up. When does the hubby go back to work so I can have some peace? 🙂

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