Day 67-Wednesday

Wednesday was a whirlwind of activity. We had plans of going to band like normal and the hubby was doing some “honey do’s” outside when his cell rang. It was his boss so I grabbed and before we knew it we were off on a hotshot run to North Dakota! Looooong day and night of driving to arrive by Thursday morning. A hotshot load is an emergency load. These loads normally fit in the bed of a pick up or on a trailer driven by a hotshot truck instead of a full size rig.  This one fit in the back of the pickup and we had 1100 miles to drive with a tracking device on us so they could track their load.  No pictures today. 🙁 sorry

Day 68-Thursday

Load delivered bright and early this morning and everyone is pooped. Well the kids have slept. Here are some pictures from Thursday.  The ghost town picture of Keystone. The only vehicle in the picture is ours. There is a picture of a buffalo/bison and some dear hanging out near the vacant hotel parking lot!


Day 69-Friday

Mt. Rushmore

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