My 2012 in pictures

**Due to storms this didn’t get posted last night like I attempted to.

Wow, did I get behind. 🙂 Last I posted was Day 75 so now for Day 76, 77. 78,79 and 80. I know a lot of people have gone to posting their pictures on a weekly basis and I guess that’s what I have done this time around.

Day 76, Friday

This was a catch up day and a day to relax and play at home. We had a crazy busy week with school work, The Omniplex and the Oklahoma Aquarium so day was a relax kind of day.

Day 77, Saturday

This was our funniest moment of the day. This little goat has been our biggest climber but this is something we have never had a goat do!

Day 78, Sunday

Where do they learn this stuff? This little man never ceases to amaze me with what he knows. He asked if he could play a game on the TV (meaning Xbox, Kinect or Playstation). He tried again doing this pose. Down on one knee with hands clasped together saying, “Pleasy, please MOM”.  You know I let him. 🙂

Day 79, Monday

Today the storms moved in.

The kids went out to play in between the Thunder boomers for some good ole puddle jumping. Their boots are still wet today. We also noticed just how….not pretty wet chickens are, lol. This last picture is of the sky after the storms cleared. I just love the purple! This is my Wordless Wednesday picture this week.

Day 80, Tuesday

Donuts with frosting?

That is what Ryker told everyone we were eating for breakfast. In reality this is bagels with strawberry cream cheese. He was a funny guy today. When we went to Del Rancho’s for supper since we were all in town he had fallen asleep. So we didn’t order for him but of course he woke up as the food came and saw what his brother was eating and promptly asked for his “horndog”. I laughed and said what do you want and he repeated he wanted a “horndog”, lol. We did order him his requested corn dog. 😛

Today was rough for Ryan. He needed a couple of shots so we could finish up his enrollment for school but I talked to him about it and he was prepared. He wore his camo pants and shirts and was a really trooper through it all. I told him that was it for years now and that he also earned a special ice cream treat. He chose a double dip candy bar sundae from Braums with M & M’s on top. We let Ryker get a single dip. He decided on birthday cake with hot fudge.

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