Friday, Day 90

(Whew) It’s getting warm fast here in Oklahoma. We are actually supposed to hit 91 Sunday. Of course,

that is the day Savannah and I are signed up to volunteer at a local Hunter/Jumper show.  Today was in the 80’s and we spent a good chunk of the day working outside. First, however, we all got up and around and ate some breakfast. Then we took off to the Medieval Fair in Norman for a few hours. It was pretty enjoyable just a bit hot.  We listened to this guy play amazing music with his fingers and glasses of water, watched some duels and some jousting. We enjoyed all the people dressed up in character. We also enjoyed some fair food with a funnel cake. I told Michael we only needed one but he ordered two. We probably threw away an entire one because they were huge and it was hot. No one wants to eat that much sweet stuff when it’s so hot. After a few hours and with sweat running down our backs and down our faces we packed it up and headed home. The air conditioning on the way home felt nice but do you think we chilled out in the house when we got home. Nope, Michael went to work with the chainsaw cutting down and cutting up some a few of the trees we lost last year due to the heat and draught. I think it will take us all summer to get all the dead trees cut down and cleaned up.   Savannah drove the lawnmower and wagon around loading and unloading it into the fire we had going. I helped keep the fire going and did some raking and stick clean up.  We were all exhausted by evening.

Saturday, Day 91

What a hot day. I can’t believe we are having 90 degree days already. We spent most of the day outside day.

We started off where we left off yesterday. Cutting up and burning dead trees. Then daddy and Savannah left to go help with set up for tomorrows Hunter/ Jumper show while the boys and I stayed home. Tomorrow Savannah and I have signed up to work the concession stand there for a few hours while daddy stays home with the boys. The boys and I took a little break after they left and Ryker went down for a nap. Big brother kept an eye on him while playing the Playstation and I went out to do a little work without them. It wasn’t much later and they were both up and back out helping mommy and playing with the hose.  I snapped a quick picture of them having a little snack.

Now if you zoom in close to the bottom left corner of the color picture you will see what I noticed right after taking these pictures. It appears that Ryker is sitting right next to some poison ivy or poison oak I can never keep it straight so we went right in and cleaned up then came back out. I hope I nipped that one in the bud. Ryan and Savannah got it so bad last year they both had to get  a shot to get rid of it. 😛  Hopefully once we get this last penned in area cleaned out and thinned out we won’t have a problem with poison ivy anymore. 🙂 ((happy sighs))

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