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This post is way overdue  but with all the events recently in our lives and the tornado’s that touched down here in Oklahoma I just have not had time to be on the computer so my blog has, unfortunately, been neglected this past week.

I was recently given the opportunity to go and watch the Rascal Flatts Changed one night only exclusive movie theatre event at a local theatre. I choose to take my 12-year-old daughter, Savannah, with me to this event. We needed a mother-daughter night and she is a music lover.  She plays the trumpet in the Oklahoma homeschool band and just has an amazing appreciation for good music. We set off Thursday evening April 5th to Hollywood Theatre 14 in Norman.

          I was disappointed in the lack of coverage for this event and by the turn out. There were less than 20 people in there with us watching this event and it wasn’t even posted anywhere in the theatre. There was absolutely NO signage. It was shown in a theatre room that had a different movie posted outside the doors. There just wasn’t anything to let you know this event was even going on. That was disappointing, but that was the only thing disappointing with this event.

         Rascal Flatts has produced 7 albums and 27 top singles and have won our hearts with amazing songs like, Life is a Highway and What hurts the most. Even though I LOVE basically all their past work I am really into this new direction and this amazing song Changed. Just listen to the words of this song for a minute and tell me what you think.

Changed is what they say Rascal Flatts is really all about. I loved this event because it felt like we were sitting there one on one with them and their families.  These guys don’t take themselves too seriously. Listening to them helped me really feel like I knew them. They are just like the average person and that they love their families and they love their time with them.  They did talk briefly about the management change they recently went through and how they actually almost called it quits about a year and a half ago because of it all. However,  in the end they all grew closer and stronger by really doing some soul-searching and leaning a lot more on each other.  This event, however, focused mostly on their new direction and Changed as well as their families.  It was fun to go with Gary LeVox to his Fast Cars and Freedom Farm, and watch his family having fun together. They went muddin’ on 4 wheelers and fishing in the pond and target practicing together. We met with Joe Don and his wife with their two little ones for a great show of Joe Don playing a song on his sons little Spongebob guitar. Having a son around the same age I had to laugh when his son tooted while they were filming and they snickered about it and his son said, “What? It was just my bottom.” LOL We also met Jay DeMarcus and his family and he played a song on his daughters little toy piano . It was very impressive and pretty hilarious at the same time. You can tell how much these guys all love and cherish their families and all three have drop-dead beautiful wives that all look like super-models. 🙂  It was truly an event I am so glad we were able to go and see. It was like our own personal concert as they made many performances for us and it was just a wonderful experience!  We were not allowed to take any pictures or video of the event but here is one of us as we sat in the theatre in the dark. 🙂

          Rascal Flatts just has a way of making you feel like you’re right at home with them, and this was no exception. If you were not lucky enough to have been able to attend this event you really should make sure you pick up their new album so you can hear what everyone’s talking about! Changed is available in stores and you can also buy it online.  It sounds like  another smash for these amazing guys.  I won’t ever think about them the same way. I feel like I really know these guys now and would love to go spend a day with them at Gary’s farm with my family!


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  1. The song is just beautiful and it sounds like you guys had a great time. Rascal Flats is great and I am so glad they decided to stay together. Have a great Wednesday!
    SavvyPracticality recently posted..Build A See SawMy Profile

  2. Evelyn says:

    This is really cool, it’s nice to hear with Rascal Flats creation… they are truly lovely….
    Evelyn recently posted..WSO ReviewsMy Profile

  3. Mary Harris says:

    Rascal Flatts rocks… Do I need to say more =)
    Mary Harris recently posted..Kollagen IntensivMy Profile

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