Slap Koozie Review/Giveaway

About the Slap Koozie

So what’s a SlapKoolerTM

Whether you call them ‘slap koozies‘, ‘slap wraps’, ‘stubby holders’ or ‘slap coozies’ you are probably referring to the ubiquitous beverage holder. ‘Huggies’ have been referenced ever since 1921 when Dave and his brother Russell Duncan patented the ‘kozy’ for portable gas generators. Then someone realized you could insulate hot and cold beverages the same way and in 1981, coozies were born.

Around the same time in human history, a monumental shift in cultural and political winds brought our society into the period known as ‘The 80’s’. During this period of excess, debauchery, Alf, & knowing what Willis was ‘talkin bout’, a new form of fashion was introduced to the world. Slap bracelets, those little metal banded things that everyone wore, traded & and created peace on earth with, were born.

Then one day, the genesis of 80’s excess and Depression era efficiency joined forces to create the SlapKoolerTM slap coozie. Fashioned from 4mm neoprene (the same material as a wetsuit), these slap coozies feature parallel metal inserts, that when bent, wrap around your beverage of choice. Think of it as a bow tie for your beverage!

How to use a SlapKoolerTM:

  1. Start from a standing or seated position, knees bent, slap coozie in your throwing hand, beverage in your catching hand. Take a few practice swings and get comfortable with the grip. When you are ready, proceed to “slap” your SlapKoolerTM on your beverage. Note the kinetic energy as it gracefully wraps itself around your beer just as it’s appeal wraps itself around your heart.
  2. Yell “Koozie Slap!” and quickly notify all your friends of your new beer bow-tie!
  3. Enjoy your beverage and repeat…

Fun Ways To Use Your SlapKoolerTM:

  • Keeping your beverage cold and your hands warm.
  • Wristbands!
  • A way to reminisce about the 80’s
  • Promoting your brand
  • Promoting your product or company
  • Dress up your beverage and start a unique conversation
  • Ankle warmers

**Or as my young sons like to do…use them as pretend casts when they get hurt playing their soldier games.

     Well I received one of these Slap Koozies to review and everyone was intrigued by it as you can tell.    I had to decide who would be the winner in our home of this cute “Hello My Name is” koozie. I decided it would be most used by my oldest daughter. She is currently attending Anthony Davids Hair Academy. I figured while she is there and when she graduates this will be handy with her clients. These Koozies are great for cold drinks or hot. Her hands won’t get wet when the cup gets sweaty this summer and her clients will see her name right there on her drink.

Your slap coozies can be used for anything ~ Social functions, reunions, & business promotion, or anywhere you can benefit from having a unique conversation starter. The possibilities are limitless and your logo, business advertisement, or statements can be made in a fun way to promote interaction between your customers or guests. Your guests be thrilled to wear your logo on their wrists and beverages, and it being a slap bracelet connects with generation Y & X who grew up with the iconic slap bracelet. It’s the greatest viral marketing product!

One reader in the US or CAN 18yr+ will win one of these “Hello My Name is” Slap Koozies. This giveaway ENDS 4/20

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    Sounds interesting

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  4. Sarah Miller says:

    This sounds like a very interesting idea. Would love to win and try it.

  5. Louis says:

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

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  6. Joseph Lee says:

    I would love to win this!!

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