Pyrite’s other name, “fool’s gold”, is so-called because of its stunning luster that is reminiscent of the more expensive mineral, gold. Pyrite bead is made primarily of iron sulfide and is a mineral with a metallic luster (thus its nickname); it is also considered the most common of sulfide minerals and can sometimes be found with small quantities of gold (rare, but it happens). Pyrite bead has been used since ancient times to make iron sulfate, sulfuric acid and was even used briefly as a source of ignition for firearms (specifically the wheellock).

In the Victorian era, pyrite bead was used to make marcasite jewelry, and is still popular today. Pyrite beads from beadsbarn can create a stunning array of jewelry items like earrings, bracelets, necklaces and chokers and even broaches and rings.

To create a statement necklace, string a grouping of 5mm pyrite beads onto 20guage jeweler’s wire (you can also use memory wire), place silver spacers between the pyrite and secure the ends with a lobster claw clasp for easy fastening. Like these 5MM

Pyrite Beads - 5mm Diameter / Placeholders - Accent Pieces

For drop earrings, look for unusual pyrite bead shapes like chips or diamonds, and secure them onto French hooks in either silver or gold.   An easy, simple pin idea is to string on approximately five large pyrite beads onto a jumbo silver safety-pin; this is perfect for scarves, lapels and jackets.I think these would look really nice.

Pyrite Beads - 12mm Wide / Crackle Finish

To create a beautiful bracelet, you will need: 12-15 5mm pyrite beads, silver spacer beads, memory or jeweler’s wire, and a claw clasp. To make, just string on the pyrite beads with the spacers and attach the claw clasp to each end. Use pyrite bead chips for a stunning, elegant bracelet. I think these would make a beautiful bracelet.

Pyrite Beads - Oval / Extensively Tumbled Finish

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