UPS My Choice-Simply your life

Become a Member Get delivery that fits your life! Get alerts before packages arrive, Electronically authorize packages for drop-of, re-route to other locations and many other options. Must enter Valid name, username, password, address

*This post is “sponsored content”, however if I didn’t believe in it I wouldn’t share it. I signed up for this and absolutely love it.

It’s FREE and I love getting the notice of deliveries.  I have received two so far so I was able to plan on the package arriving so I could have my dogs in and the driveway gate open so I didn’t miss them.  I have had the unfortunate luck of finding one of the Fedex tags on my gate that they missed me and would be back the next day but I still don’t know really when to expect them and I can’t keep my dogs in all day so I missed them again the 2nd day but saw them driving up the road. There is no way to get them to come back though….I tried.  I had to get them the next day or face driving 2o something miles to go pick it up sometime. Thankfully on day three I did get my delivery. Did I mention I LOVE UPS MY CHOICE!  I love things that help me simplify my life.


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