Where Have We Been

I know new posts have been scarce around here and I really appreciate your patience with me. We are still homeless but home is in site. We are closing on Nov. 1st and will start moving in on the 2nd! We are so excited and it is so close but taking so long to get here. Well the kids and I have moved from MI on to PA and are visiting family here for a while. The kids are absolutely having a ball! Here is what they were up to just yesterday. There are two additional faces in this picture and those are cousins. Ryan is raking in the large pictures then from the top right we have Maverick, Savannah, Ryan, Logan and Ryker. They had hours of fun with the pile of leaves.  In addition to spending time with family we are keeping up with our school work, actually working ahead so we are prepared for our trip home, and taking care of the dogs, and helping out as much as we can. Our days are full and long but we are having fun but we are very excited about returning to Oklahoma to our new home.










A couple of days ago Maverick and Logan and their mommy invited us to go with them to a fire safety day they had at the local fire department. It was really neat and included FREE food…yum.











Today we got up and around and were off with Nellie and her son James and daughter Cassandra for another outing. We didn’t get much time with Cassandra as she had to head off to work but it was an enjoyable day and the weather wasn’t too bad either. Not too hot and not too cold. We went to Country Junction a huge general store type place with lots more. I didn’t get a lot of pictures because I was trying to keep track of everyone and make sure everyone kept their hands off so you’ll have to take my word that it was really neat and a lot of fun and after that we stopped off at a car show.


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