I LOVE our new home but…

          We sold our super quick. We didn’t even list it on the market it was sold word of mouth and we were packed up and homeless in a blink of an eye. My husband was gone a couple weeks before closing so by the time we sold our place it had already been a couple weeks since we saw him. My husband stayed with a friend while he was in town and the four kids and three dogs and myself were off on a road trip to Central Michigan from Oklahoma starting off at 6pm since closing didn’t happen until 4pm. We hadn’t even quite made it out of Oklahoma when our daughters car started acting up and died on the side of the interstate about 10pm. Ugh, Calgone take me away this trip is going to be a nightmare. I was on the phone with my husband and he helped us find a “heaven-sent” U Haul shop which was only about 10 miles away. It was the alternator in her car so we charged it up and took off in the direction of the U Haul shop. It only took doing that three times to get there. ((heavy sighs just remembering it)). This place would have typically been closed. It was a bait shop/U Haul place but they were out stocking the bait shop and answered the call and wanted to help us. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!  So a whopping $600.00 later because they didn’t have a car dolly and only had a car transporter available we are back on the road heading to our first hotel stop still several hours away. I think we arrived at 2am. Now mind you there are 4 kids and 3 dogs in this truck. 2 dogs were in crates in the back but STILL. This trip took us 2.5 days to finally get to Central Michigan. Then we stayed with my parents for a month continuing with our homeschooling online. We were glad to see family and visit for a while before we took off again on a road trip to Eastern PA to stay with my husbands aunt and uncle for the 2nd month. This trip only took us 10hours. We really had a good time there with cousins and loved visiting again and being able to make it for baby Logan’s first birthday party.
          This new home is everything we ever wanted minus a fireplace and more land but we are happy. It’s only 4 acres so we downsized an acre but it’s in a great neighborhood and the house is EVERYTHING we need and more! However, with this said the picture above really says it all. What I love about my home is who I share it with. I love you, Michael and all four of you kids but you all know that already don’t you. 🙂 HUUUUUGGGGSSS!

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