My Holiday Wish!

Things have been pretty perfect for my family lately so there isn’t really anything I want for.  After being separated for 3 months (homeless) we are all back together again. We are no longer homeless we are living the American dream and have found that perfect home for our family. Everyone is settling in nicely and we have been having fun decorating our new home for the holidays. LOL, no this isn’t real. I had some fun on Picmonkey creating my own little winter wonderland. It was actually 75 degrees here today. I think snow is pretty and would love to have some if it wasn’t so darn cold too. 8)  Seriously though I am very content and can only think of one holiday wish and it’s quite serious actually.  I wish my In-laws would call my husband.  I am not even getting into any details because to be quite honest they are really sketchy at best and don’t make sense at all. We haven’t talked to them in almost a year and half now. My husband has made several attempts but that’s were it all ends. I just wish for his sake they would let by-gone’s be by-gone’s and move forward. It really is sad all the way around and I know it deeply hurts my husband which deeply affects me as well.  I sure love that man and hate knowing that he is hurting whether he openly shows it very often or not.   That is really my only holiday wish. <3

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