This one actually bugs me a bit.  I grew up with Santa Claus in our home and baking cookies and leaving milk for him every Christmas Eve and waking up to stockings stuffed and presents under the tree so….. that’s exactly what I did with my children but now I honestly wish I hadn’t ever started that and am not sure how to stop it and/or if my husband would be on-board with stopping it.

Especially as Christmas has become more and more commercial it eats at me even more.  I wish I wouldn’t have started the whole “Santa” thing. I feel like a liar and that I am betraying my children’s trust ultimately. I wish I would’ve centered Christmas around the real reason for the season “Jesus Christ” instead. I really didn’t know Jesus when I had my first child. I was raised in a good home but never attended church other than Vacation Bible School in the summer so it’s no surprise I started the Santa thing with my kids and my husband is a good Santa. 8)

I have learned over the years not to regret past decisions because they have all led me to where I am now and there is a reason for everything but we grow as we learn and mature so things change. I think this is one thing I need to talk to my husband about changing in the future. What do you all think? Please leave me a comment and let me know your opinions on the subject.

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