When snow begins to fall…

When the snow begins to fall I am thankful I am in Oklahoma and typically just watching it on the news 🙂 (heee, heee)

We actually do get pretty cold here too and yes, it does snow on ocassion. When the snow begins to fall here I go hide inside.  I will make it out once or twice for some good ole fashion snowball fights or pulling the kids behind the 4 wheeler on the sled or a quick snowman or fort before tomorrow comes and it all melts but otherwise I hide inside and make the hot chocolate to warm everyone back up from the inside out when they come in. Nobody makes hot chocolate like mom complete with mini marshmallows on top. 🙂

Hot chocolate with marshmallows, yummy!


Winter can be a beautiful time of year but honestly I really have to make sure I don’t get the winter blues or cabin fever. Thank goodness I do live in Oklahoma because if winter lasted any longer for me I would be a basket case.  Maybe it’s because there isn’t any pretty snow blanketing anything. Where I live everything just looks bare and dead. I think it’s the lack of enough sunshine though. We are an outdoorsy family and when it’s cold outside is the last place I want to be.

Listen to me rambling on. Winter isn’t even hear yet and I am already thinking forward to spring. 8) Sorry I just can’t wait to start up my gardens here at the new homestead!  I have already been visiting with our master gardener neighbors!  There is absolutely no garden here currently so I have my work cut out for me.

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