Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day to those of you who are celebrating it.

What are you personal opinions about Valentines Day?


When I first heard the story about where Valentines or shall I say St. Valentines day came from I was surprised.  Have you all heard the story? If not check this out of the History channel’s website.

My  husband and I just don’t “do” the Valentines day thing. I did take my kids to a little Valentines Homeschool get-together just for the social interaction as we are trying to meet and make new friends in our new home area but we just don’t do it.

Our philosophy is that as a married couple we should be living this daily. We shouldn’t do sweet things for each other just on Valentines day it should be a daily way of life. He will stop and get me flowers many different times throughout the year just because and I will make special meals for him just because or send little notes or cards to each other just because.

A good friend of my husbands just picked him up this morning to go look at boats for some summer fun. Next thing I knew my husband came up stairs with his friends wife on the speaker phone. He said, “Honey, what did I get you for Valentines?” I said, “We got each other absolutely nothing.” She said that’s pretty much the same here. She gave her husband a card a he gave her a kiss as he walked out the door to pick up my husband. I then said, “Well, we believe as a married couple we should be doing sweet things for each other all the time not just one day a year.” Then she said, “Oh, I thought Michael (my husband) just made that up.” LOL

What are your feelings? I mean yes, I love getting chocolates and flowers, etc. but I don’t want them on one day I want them all the time….am I right?


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