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Hello! Thank you for the warm welcome Valerie! I am excited to share my family’s home school adventures with your readers! I guess I will start with introducing myself! I am Kami! Wife to my hubby, Timothy. Work at home Mom to our kiddos, Connor (almost 12) and Haleigh (almost 6). We are a USAF family. I work at home as a OK DHS state licensed in-home childcare provider. So we not only have our own children here during the day, we take care of other children as well. It does make for a very crazy life at times, but we know it is the best life for us!

Our home school adventure actually started here in Oklahoma, but the idea for it began with our son in Georgia. He was still in public school back then, 2nd grade to be exact. Yes, our then 7 yr old son is the one who came to us and asked if we would home school him! We found out he was being bullied at school and even after I talked to the teacher and the school administrators, nothing changed. Thankfully we were due to PCS (that is military speak for “move”) to Oklahoma days after school was out. So after a few family discussions we decided to wait and see how school in Oklahoma was. After all, it was a whole new state and a whole new school. It might be different. We hoped.

3rd grade wasn’t too bad. We were not impressed with the Gifted and Talented program at all. The school seemed to have no empathy for military families dealing with deployments. 4th grade and our 2nd deployment in less than year meant my husband was going to be gone for Christmas for the first time ever in our children’s lives. He has worked on Christmas before, but we had been blessed until then that he was always home at some point on Christmas Day. We had issues with a teacher’s outright disrespect for our family’s situation that was the straw that broke the camel’s back, as they say. We finished the school year and did not enroll for 5th grade.

We knew it was time for a change. It was time to find a curriculum or a program that would challenge our gifted son and would be more flexible to our lifestyle. At that point we expected my husband to be gone for 4-6 month at a time once every 18 months or so. That could mean a lot more missed holidays and many more messed up family vacations which could lead to missed school days if we had to continue to deal with a traditional public school system. So we knew we had to figure out something different for our family!

Next time I will tell you all about the research I did and what we chose to do and why!

You can also read more about my family at Adventures in Homeschooling.

Photo Credit to Holly Fletcher Photography

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