Making our new house our new HOME

Well part of moving into our new home involves making it ours with every little thing we do. We loved the house from day one but it was just our new house it wasn’t home. With every little change we do we make it “home”.  Somethings are necessity some are just changes we wanted to make. We have installed and fixed the phone jacks in the house so we could have a home line for faxing and for calls to the load board (this was one of those necessities). Then we have painted some walls and I have added vinyl sayings on some of them (some of the wants). It doesn’t matter whether it was a necessity or a want, however, it has all helped to make our new house our new “home”.  We have changed out some of our outside light fixtures and put new weather stripping around a couple doors and we are installing a new toilet today but every little thing helps make it more and more ours.

A few weeks ago I re-painted a glider bench that we had and made a front porch sign and some little stands for the front porch.

front porch

I have just finished up a trio of flower pots that I will put on top of these stands once I plant some flowers in them.

I covered two of them in a dark blue (that looks like a royal blue before it dried) laytex indoor/outdoor paint. I painted both both the inside and the outside to try to make them waterproof. I read up on painting terra cotta and many people talked about their paint bubbling or peeling off when they didn’t waterproof the entire thing. So we will see how this works. Then I used a white paint on the third pot. I wanted them to all look different but match so here is what I came up with. What do you think? I also covered them (inside and out) with a clear acrylic sealant when they were completely dry.

painted terra cotta


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