Snow Fun

Well we were bummed out that we missed the “blizzard” all we got at our house was rain, rain, rain and rain. Not complaining though since we are on a 2 year drought here in Oklahoma so we will always take the rain but we REALLY wanted to play in the snow again. The first and last little bit of snow we had a week prior the kids thoroughly enjoyed to the tune of 10 snowmen across the front of our house.

dirty hobo snowman 1

It all started out with this dirty boy. Everyone on Facebook told me he looked like he needed a bath. he didn’t last long…poor guy. He started melting right away, lost his right eye and then his left and finally met his demise when he did a face-plant in the backyard. dirty hobo snowman

We will miss you dirty boy.

Then we threw everything in the dryer and once it was dry they were in the front yard. Hard at work. They were three kids on a mission.

hard at work building snowmen

Before I knew it there were 3 snowmen all in a row.

three snowmen

Shortly after that 3 became 10.

snowmen all in a lineten snowmen

At the end of the day this is what my front door looked like.    winter aftermath of clothing

We were all exhausted at the end of the day but we enjoyed our day of snow. Everything was gone in two days. Every trace of snow even the snowmen were all gone.

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