Spring Flowers

It was an absolutely beautiful day here again in Oklahoma. We were in the upper 70’s so I was outside most of the day. We started off with an awesome soccer game. Ryan was on fire today and he ran up and down that field.

Then it was the little man and me outside working on some flower beds and a little mowing until sunset. I don’t have a plan and I am not thrilled with everything yet but I NEED some flowers. I NEED some color so we set to work creating a little color.  IMG_9355

First we made a couple small flower beds around the two cottonwood trees in our front yard.

ring around the tree

Then we ran uptown to pick out some flowers. It was just the little man and me since he was my only helper on this project today. I let him help pick out some flowers and we were back home in a flash to get them planted and throw some mulch down on top.

flowers and mulch added flower pot3 flower pot2 flower pot1

It’s not anything breathe-taking but it’s a start and they will all fill in and look even better in a couple months. We were pretty proud that we completed our project today and little man is snoring next to me as I type. We even jumped on the mower (after checking the oil and gas my dear) and mowed the front of the property. Tomorrow our project to finish up mowing and another soccer game in the afternoon. I LOVE spring! I just love this weather and I LOVE being outdoors with my kids! We miss you dear but are being productive in your absence. See you soon. Hugs and kisses <3

Here is the sunset pic we snapped as we were heading in the house after putting everything away and cleaning up  outside. Sunset front yard

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  1. Marc says:

    Hello Valerie, the yard is looking good. I started planting in the yard this last weekend here in Wichita and unfortunately the weather the last couple days took a turn for the worst here so its looking like I’m going to have to start all over.
    Marc recently posted..Lawn Services Wichita | (316) 734-1101 Wichita Landscape and Lawn ServicesMy Profile

    • Valerie says:

      It was pretty bad here too. We were below freezing last night and will be again tonight. So far my flowers have made it. Thank goodness I didn’t put out any of the veggie plants we started indoors. I would have been sad to have lost them. Come on spring 🙂

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