More Severe Weather Chances

Yup, that’s what they said on the news this morning. We were not affected directly from the tornado’s that caused so much destruction in Moore this time but it still hits home since we lived through the May 3, 1999 tornado devastation that hit Moore, OK.  This time we were living just north of Tulsa. I was a stressed out mess worried about everyone we know back where we lived for 15years.   I was not breathing easy as they told us there was rotation heading right for our little town on the same day then after it passed we heard there was more rotation just south of us. I wanted to share these pictures with you I took standing right outside my home May 19, 2013.

This was the view out our front door that day.

Out front door

Later that day this is the view out my back door.

Out back door

I know how blessed we are and don’t take it for granted. One thing we had on out list when we were new home shopping was a storm shelter but this home had everything we wanted except that so as of today we are storm shelter shopping. I felt a wave of peace pass over me when I went out for one last picture on May 19, 2013 when I was able to capture this photo.

Peaceful eve

I know people can always look at the clouds and see different things. Do you see an image that sticks out in your mind in this photo or is it just me? Please leave me a comment.

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  1. Sue Hull says:

    I see a gun.Isn’t funny how people see different things or the same thing in clouds? My prayers are with all those people in Moore,Ok.Thanks for sharing the pics 🙂

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