** I always forget to take before pictures…sorry I am working on it. So I took a picture shortly after beginning my project. tableThe table top was really marred up and one of the boys  scribbled on it with something like a yellow highlighter but it wouldn’t come off for anything so it was all dented up with yellow scribbles so I went to work with the hand sander.

sanded another angleAfter I got the top sanded I decided I didn’t want to go that dark again but I left the bottom dark.  I re-stained it a lot lighter than it was and I am pretty happy with it but not sure. Something is missing or needs done I think. What do you all think?  IMG_0512IMG_0514

Please give me your input. What would you do if it was your table? Definitely need to update the kitchen chairs..at least the cushions.  Oh, yeah my new centerpiece. I picked up the letters at Hobby Lobby and with a little paint and some red glitter I created my new centerpiece. You like??



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  1. Sue Hull says:

    I really like it.You did a great job!Some red chair cushions would look cute.I like your centerpiece.
    I have a new email address.It’s hard remembering who I’ve told.Since I haven’t had any email from you then I figure I haven’t told you.Have a good day 🙂

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